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7 Tips for Choosing a Sales Fundraiser for Your Group

Product sales are the most common form of fundraising in schools and other youth groups. For the most part, they are easy to organize, parents know what to do, and the results are fairly predictable. In addition, the amount of administrative oversight on a product sale is relatively low, when compared to other kinds of fundraising events like auctions or walk-a-thons. It's no wonder product sales have gained such popularity.

However, this kind of a fundraising activity is only successful if proper planning and forethought go into them. There are several factors that could sink your product sale, if you don't take care. Here are a few to keep in mind.

1. Think About Your Group's Overall Mission
It is wise to take your overall mission into account when deciding what product you want to sell. If you are oblivious to the nature of your organization, you run the risk of very low participation in the exercise, as well as the possibility of alienating the very people you desire to serve.

2. Provide Good Quality Products
When you are speaking to the company, I would even suggest asking them to send you a sample of the product ahead of time for you to judge the quality. If you don't do this level of background checking, you could end up having very dissatisfied customers who will be unlikely to support future sales from your school.

3. The Info Packet Should Be Easy to Read and Understand
Make sure that the information packet that contains all the information about the sale is concise and easy to understand. Put yourself in the shoes of parents w...

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