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You're Fired!

You're fired! These words are feared by us all, but it is an unfortunate trend that many professional chamber executives and economic developers are hearing these words from their boards of directors.

Sometimes the termination is warranted, other times it?s not. I know executives that have been fired for fiscal mismanagement, inappropriate sexual behavior or simply not performing. Others are the victims of an ineffective board or non-supportive community.

Some of the most obvious signs that you may be in trouble include distancing of your community and organization leaders, increased scrutiny of your performance and learning that members of the board are meeting without you. A sudden shift in organizational direction or a particularly acrimonious public debate can also be a foretelling sign.

Some of the most important things you can do to avoid being terminated are to build strong and more open relationships with your board members, develop measurable personal and organizational goals, insistence on regular and consistently applied performance reviews and acquiring an intimate knowledge of the organization?s finances. It is best to have a written contract that spells out the terms and conditions of termination, including a separation agreement.

If you do hear those dreaded words, don?t panic and don?t agree to anything without speaking to your own attorney with expertise in labor law. Your goal should be to manage the situation with as little harm as possible to your long-term career objectives and financial well-being. Document as much as you can in writing. Some organizations will w...

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