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How To Part 02: Car Wash Fundraiser Preparation

Are you considering a car wash fundraiser for your group? We all no it is getting harder and harder to raise the funds for non-profit groups these days. Especially kids groups such as youth groups, sports teams, high school bands and scouts. Now more than ever it is important that we take special care to mentor our youth. One of the most important things you need to do to insure a successful car wash fundraiser is to pay special attention to the pre-planning preparation.

As with almost anything, the amount of preparation you do will be in direct proportion to the success of your fundraiser. Pre-planning preparation is the key between just another car wash and an unforgettable experience. Let us discuss the necessary steps you must go through to insure a successful car wash.


You should pick a date six weeks or more in advance if at all possible. Obviously, if everything could be coordinated correctly, this would be easy. Unfortunately we all know that if it?s the end of the year or season and your budget is in the hole and you?re short a couple of thousand dollars, you really have no choice. You may even have less than a week or two to prepare. Don?t worry. Simply sped up the time line. Try cutting everything by a third.

Check the Calendar Section of your local newspaper. Are there any major community events occurring on the same day as your planned car wash fundraiser? A conflict of interest may cause a decrease in the same day attendance. A decrease in cars could cause as much as twenty to thirty percent in lost revenue. If, on the other hand, you coordinate a tim...

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