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Strategies Part 03: Additional Revenue at a Car Wash Fundraiser

Car wash fundraisers are great money-makers indeed. Well why not enhance this years car wash fundraiser with a couple of extra revenue makers? After all you have a captured audience and you are a business minded individual right? You do care about your kids and you want them to succeed and do well at all their activities, you also know that the more money the fund raiser events make the less money dear old dad and mom have to kick into the program. Let?s face it kids are getting to be quite expensive and anytime you can off set some of these costs it makes sense right? Here are some additional revenue enhancement ideas for your annual Car Wash Fundraiser.


If you choose to sell hot dogs you will definitely have a captured audience. If you intend to feed your group you should charge them at least fifty cents each to cover costs otherwise they will eat up one hundred percent of your profits. People get hungry washing cars and burn up a lot of calories. If you offer free hot dogs to your washers and let?s say there are twenty of them, they will devour sixty hot dogs, three a piece. This may sound funny but not when you?re trying to make cash for your group. If you charge for them you will need an average of 1.5 hot dogs per washer and you will cover your costs on them. Guestimate how many hot dogs you will sell and add 1.5 times the number of washers to this number. This will give you an approximation of supplies needed. Remember to buy slightly more buns than hot dogs, half a pack or so. Some people will want a hot dog and no bun and some like the bun with no hot dog. Plus you will drop a few or squish a few bun...

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