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How To Part 04: How to Find Car Wash Fundraiser Volunteers

Many non-profit kids groups turn to car wash fundraisers, as they are a favorite past time and are a good way to build camaraderie and raise funds at the same time. Some times getting volunteers to help can be the biggest challenge. After years of sponsoring these events, we have found the secrets to getting volunteers.


How do you get people to volunteer? This is tough. It?s usually the same ten percent of the people who do ninety percent of the work. Since obviously you are one of these, and you don?t want to be burdensome to the same people who always do all the work, try to get some one new involved. It?s a fun assignment and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that people seem to enjoy working at these types of fundraisers more than they do candy sales, bake sales, casino nights, garage sales, etc. People tend to associate car wash fundraisers with fun. To help get volunteers, announce that you?re thinking of coordinating a fundraiser. Name three or four truly mundane ideas; Then say "or maybe a car wash"? The first to agree that this is a worthy idea should be co-chairman of this year?s car wash committee. If they are really excited and extroverted put them in charge of public relations/publicity and recruitment. You will need about four to six people on your committee to do a large fundraiser.

Once you get a few volunteers you can ask them to bring a friend and double your staffing requirements. Properly staffed car wash fundraisers are an excellent way to insure success of the car wash.

Lance Winslow IV

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