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Put the ?Fun? in Fundraising with this Unique Fundraiser

Everyone is involved with some sort of fundraising opportunity from schools, team sports, groups, association, and religious groups to non-profits. There are almost as many fundraising products as there are people interested in raising these funds.

But how do you pick which product to sell and when? Will you choose cookie dough, soft pretzels, gourmet suckers, wrist bracelets, popcorn, candy bars or perhaps pizza and ?scratchers?? The timing of your fundraising is important also; will you be selling the same period as another child, neighbor or relative?

OK, you have made it this far, what about next month for your daughters cheerleading group, opps, another fundraiser.

Well how would you feel about a year round ?fun? raising idea? We are talking about a ?fun? raising idea that uses travel as a fundraising avenue.

Why use travel:

- Travel is the worlds largest industry
- Travel is a ?big ticket? item, producing great commissions
- Everyone loves to travel
- Travel is expected to double in the next 10 years
- Online travel is the fasted growing segment

We will show you how to funnel an enormous portion of this into your organization.

Our partners are the biggest names in travel. They provide your inventory.

In addition to your organization's own full service travel booking engine (hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, flights) we have also developed several other ?specialty? websites which your supporters will have access to. These ?specialty? sites includes a golf vacation and tee rese...

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